A Lowcountry Marvel: Snow

Throughout the year, Hilton Head visitors enjoy the subtleties of southern living. The island offers a plethora of ways to connect with natures greatest gifts and most beautiful color palette – palmetto tree greens, ocean blues, sandy browns, and sunset pinks. This vibrant array of colors can be found painting a fabulous lowcountry banner over the Atlantic Ocean, the infamous Harbor Town Lighthouse, and the locally beloved brackish waters of Skull Creek. With 12 miles of beaches, over 250 restaurants, and numerous cultural celebrations happening year round, there is so much to experience here.

This breathtaking island presents nothing less than southern charm to all. Here In Hilton Head intends to share all of the highs found in the lowcountry. Perhaps even some that annual tourists may have not yet discovered. Hilton Head Island’s lifestyle is awe inspiring for families, millennials, dog lovers, and especially those looking to take a step back and truly appreciate the miracles of the world around them.

Folly Beach, Hilton Head Island

Ten days into the New Year and Hilton Head has already witnessed a wondrous marvel, a Snow Day! According to The Island Packet, this was the first time in eight years the island has seen snow in its truest form. The entire island shut down for two days to celebrate the snow covered sands. This made for beautiful sceneries of icy marshes and frosted beaches.

Caution: Ice
Share the Beach
Icy Palms
32 Degrees & Petrified
Snow Day 2018

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