Beach Mail

“Words – especially written ones, meant only for us – have a power to comfort, tell truths, and communicate profound emotions in a way that few things can” – Nicholas Sparks, Every Breath

The first beach mailbox I ever came across was on Bird Island, North Carolina. To get to this secluded spot, one must take a long walk on Sunset Beach. Also known as ‘Kindred Spirit’, this mailbox inspired Nicholas Spark’s most recent love story, Every Breath. Perched between two large sand dunes are two benches and a mailbox filled with journal entries with a different dated story on every page. Extra writing supplies is kept in the box as well, giving all visitors an equal opportunity to share what’s on their mind. The mailbox has been around for decades, constantly being filled with kind words, dreams, poems, prayers and emotional stories. All of these stories are then collected by anonymous volunteers, archiving every entry at the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s library.

Kindred Spirit, Bird Island NC

Bird Island North Carolina

It appears another mailbox has washed ashore Here In Hilton Head. The location of this mailbox is on a beach like no other. Fish Haul Creek Park offers a brackish landscape perfect for beach-combing. With the ever-changing tide all sorts of wildlife can be found on this beach, even the occasional alligator. Already filling with beach mail, the box is accompanied by a driftwood bench and table allowing visitors a serene space to collect their thoughts. The table faces the water so visitors can watch the sunset light up the ocean mirroring the sky. Like Kindred Spirit, someone has also anonymously donated mismatched pens, markers and journals to share stories. Perhaps the positivity that radiates out of this little mailbox will encourage more community members to get involved, cherishing all of the collected stories like in North Carolina. With the hodgepodge of hand-writing and kind worded ledgers, this mailbox is perfectly imperfect and epitomizes a friend to all. Thank you Faust Island for sharing your findings of such a special place!

Fish Haul Creek Park Hilton Head Island

Fish Haul Creek Park Mailbox

Fish Haul Creek Park Mailbox

Fish Haul Creek Park Hilton Head Island

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